Farming Hemp has become very popular in the United States. Farmers have grown hemp to harvest for many uses such as textiles and CBD oil. Open Country LLC represents only the best in cannabis and hemp handling equipment. We feel that farmers and ranchers in the Midwest and Great Plains only deserve the best in tillage, material handling machines, and turf management. 


High strength grasping tools for hemp plants, brush, and roots. Each grapple is made strong, yet lightweight to maintain lift capacity. We offer a complete selection of tractor grapples for compact, utility, and full size tractors. 


Grapple and rock bucket hybrid with an open design for more than just picking rocks.

  • Open bottom allows dirt to fall through the 2.9″ tine spacing.
  • Every tine is constructed of one piece of steel, from tip to top cross member, to add rigidity.
  • Corrosion, dent and flake resistant NitroSteel® cylinder rod made in the USA.
  • Raised ridge in center of tines and notch near tips secure hemp plants while digging.
  • Fully gusseted tine tips to strengthen tines and limit bending.
  • 1” diameter greaseable grapple pins.
  • Light weight, yet durable construction perfect for compact tractors and small skid loaders.

Two-cylinder independent grapple that reaches tine tips for fine work.

  • Every tine is constructed from one piece of 1/2ˮ Grade 80 steel, from tip to top brace, to add rigidity.
  • Fully gusseted tines with no cross member allowing better material penetration without compromising strength.
  • 2” bore, 8 3/8” stroke cylinders featuring corrosion, dent and flake resistant NitroSteel® cylinder rods.
  • Greasable 1 1/4” diameter cylinder pins and 1 9/16” diameter hinge pins.
  • Teflon® coated bushings provide lubrication at all pivot locations.

Hemp/Brush Crusher:

Our line of brush crusher equipment have just made your job easier! Brush crushers are great for clearing hemp plants and hemp waste. Each brush crusher allows for clear sightlines to see exactly what you are grabbing and seamless integration. Westendorf provides a variety of brush crusher models to fit any loader and any brand. Available models include:

  • Universal Skid Steer Brush Crusher
  • BC-4000
  • BC-3000
  • BC-4200
  • BC-5000
  • BC-8200

Front-End Loaders:

Open Country LLC provides a variety of front-end loaders when it comes to moving materials such as hemp plants from one place to another without pushing the materials across the ground. Each of our front-end loaders are built with the most cutting-edge technology that offers unsurpassed quality, performance, and strength.

Westendorf offers top of the line front-end loaders that include:

• Freedom Mount
• Max Series
• Compact Series
• WL Series
• Traction Action Series
• Speciality loaders