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Inspired by our mission of delivering durable and innovative equipment solutions.
Penta’s vertical TMR mixer has always been designed and built to be the longest lasting
and most efficient mixer on the market today.

The Penta 30 series TMR mixers follow in this tradition. We continue adding new and
industry exclusive features, while offering uncompromising quality and toughness.

Trailer Mixers

Penta’s Trailer TMR Mixers are built for the farmer who demands a machine that will endure the rigors of long hours and extreme usage.




Stationary Mixers

Penta Staionary TMR Mixer are compact and convenient machines with high capacity and low power consumption – offering the possibility to use more economical means of delivering the feed.



Truck Mount Mixers

Penta Truck Mount Mixers are specially designed to suit the needs of larger operations, or applications where tough terrain and longer distances are encountered. Farmers will have faster than average mixing times, and the capacity to process different forage components and micro ingredients with maximum efficiency.


Eye of the Storm

One look at our Hurricane augers and you will see their strength and power. Critical to our auger design is durability. With high-intensity forces encountered in the initial stages of cutting, the metal blades of the auger are subjected to severe pressure as the turning motion begins and the feed ingredients are pushed upwards. You can clearly see how rugged and reliable this Hurricane auger truly is






Conveyor Systems

Optional conveyors are configured to match your individual operational needs. Built for long life and dependability, each system is equipped with the heaviest cast chain in the industry. Many options are available to customize these conveyor systems to your feeding needs.





Robust Frame


Our frames are made of 1/2” and 3/” North American steel, not hollow tubes. This not only provides extreme ruggedness to our platform, but it also cuts down on the profile of the frame and helps create a clean, compact design.






Designed Productivity

Our straight-walled tub is designed to reduce the compaction of your feed and will minimize over-processing by allowing more room for the material to aerate. Also, the floor of the tub is designed to endure long hours of extreme use.


Tornado Auger

Penta’s Tornado auger is standard in the Stationary mixers, but you do have the option to upgrade to the Hurricane Auger. The Tornado auger is one of the best in the industry that mixes processed feed consistently. The results in the shaker tests show a great mix without over-processing feed to increase productivity






Electrical Systems

The mixers run at a reduced constant RPM, as opposed to mobile mixers, and full clean-out can be arranged through a variable drive and gearbox.







Drive Options

The machine is operated by a frequency changer, which ensures that the machine starts slowly and without any increase in power. The frequency changer also enables acceleration as required.


All mixers are built on a sub-frame and supports can be ordered to put the machine at the desired height. Each stationary mixer can be customized to your needs and location.

Hydraulic Drive Systems

All Penta Truck Mount mixers are 100% hydrostatically driven. There are no gearbox, sprockets, belts, chains, or bearings in the driveline to wear our or require replacement. Fewer moving parts translates into fewer breakdowns and less maintenance overall.

Drive Options

Optional conveyors are configured to match the needs of your individual operations with a choice of either a flip-up or dual configuration for either left or right hand delivery. These can be further customized to feed into a variety of bulks and feed alleys.


Truck Mount mixers can be customized to your individual needs so that you will have faster than average mixing times, and the capacity to process different forage components and micro-ingredients with maximum efficiency.