Fertilizer Equipment

A Fertilizer System That Performs They Way You Want

  • Low Cost
  • High Speed
  • Precise
  • Low Power
  • Adjustable Depth
  • Minimum Cover Disturbance
  • Shielded Design
  • Excelsin Residue

12r30-singlefolding-bar-coulter-machine 12r30-front-truss-bar-dual-application-staggered




hm_image4Hawkins fertilizer applicators are available on a single or double bar, folding or ridged. Double bars are designed with 4 ½”, 9” or 24” between the bars. Folding bars are available in wither standard or custom length center sections. Standard folding designs have 8° of float available (4° up 4° down) that can be pinned rigid. All Hawkins toolbars carry a full 5 year warranty. Call us to talk about custom design or configuration. All bars come ready to accept a nurse tank hitch available in 30″, 42″, 84″ lengths.

hm_image3The edge bent heat treated shank, is a great option in high residue, minimum or no-till fields. The adjustable shank position can allow for more residue flow through and keep your fertilizer in place.

1 ¼” X 2″ curved heat treated shank is going to place your Liquid fertilizer or NH3 right were you’ve decided. The sturdy design and optional spring loaded coulter gives protection from rocks and uneven ground.

Spring Mount Row assemblies are available and ideal for very rocky or heavily terraced ground. Tough terrain doesn’t have to mean placing your fertilizer should be. An 1,100 lb spring flexes with either the Flat Curved Shank or Edge bent shank and the Super 1200 spring coulter will roll through causing little disturbance.


hm_image2Hawkins Classic 1″ X 3″ high tensile steel shank design utilizes a ⅜” X 2 ½” Extended Angle Iron clamps that allow adjustable knife placement and the 30” length offers the opportunity for a longer application window.