Kwik-Till Vertical Tillage

Maintance-Free Disc Hub

  • Relubrication-Free
  • Anti-String flange shape
  • High performance seals
  • Plating corrosion resistant to jet cleaning & fertilizers
  • Increase farm productivity by up to 150%
  • Ownership costs reduced by up to 30%
  • Management costs reduced by up to 90%
  • Low environmental impact

High Flotation Tires

  • Goodyear Superflot AG Tires
    • Unsurpassed Flotation
    • Large contact area
    • Excellent weight distribution for reduced ground-bearing pressure & less soil compaction


Independent Rubber Torsion Suspension

Four natural rubber elements provide a pretension, allowing the discs to follow the contour of the land, skate over obstructions and spring back to operating positions. Each shank is independent allowing for idea flow of residue


20″ Notched Flat Center Disc Blades

  • Provides aggressive control over soil tillage.
  • The disc option does an excellent job in soil penetration and residue management

20″ Smooth Flat Center Disc Blades

  • Provides careful control over soil tillage.
  • The disc option does an excellent job in tilling and inverting soil.


Vertical Hydraulic Jack

  • Provides quick, easy disconnection from tractor. 
  • Lifts vertically without moving machine back and forward. 
  • Less moving parts for a simpler more reliable operation.


Cage Rollers

Works best in Dry, Non-sticky soil conditions. Cage ensures disintegration of any clumps, provides an even seedbed and moderate compaction.

Spring Rollers

Works best in heavier, dense soil conditions. Spring Rollers create a level seedbed with moderate consolidation.