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Aeration, by definition, is the process of introducing air into the soil profile. Air is essential to microbial activity and, ultimately, to the health and vigor of all turfgrass. Air, by itself, will not enter the soil profile. It depends on an external medium to move it. In our environment, this external vehicle is water, which moves through the soil profile displacing carbon dioxide and pulling air into the vacuum created as it moves on down deeper into the earth.

The AerWay Difference

Turf managers are, therefore, challenged to manage their water. Water movement is dependent on its ability to enter the soil (infiltration) and move down and through the soil profile (percolation). Both of these must be established and maintained in an effective aeration program.

Compaction is the most common barrier to water movement. It is a physical problem created by machinery (golf cars, mowers etc.), foot traffic, and even rain drops. Mechanical cultivation is the most common and best method used to manage it. The AerWay family of tines have been specifically designed and developed to provide the turf manager with a fast, effective, low cost and versatile aeration tool that can be used all season long without disrupting play.

The AerWay Shattertine uses a patented series of angles and offsets to break down compaction layers 7″ and deeper. This establishes the percolation rate and recreates the capillary action of the natural soil profile. Water, and therefore air, is drawn into the whole soil profile. The loosened soil is also conducive to root elongation throughout its volume.

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