Manure Equipment

Open Country represents Parma Company.

Compost/Manure Spreaders from Parma Company

In 2000, Parma Company expanded its line of durable farm equipment with the acquisition of the Dirks (formally Tycrop) “Supera” manure spreader. This acquisition returned to the Parma® line a farm box product missing since the mid 70’s that had existed since the 1940’s. This multi-use combination box is a heavy duty manure spreader that can be simply converted to a forage box for year around usage.

Since 2000 Parma Company has been building one of the toughest forage and commodity hauling units available. These are available with a Beater or Spinner attachment.

Parma Spreader boxes and trailers are designed with all welded, heavy-duty construction using 14ga and 12ga corrugated walls and solid welded 10ga floor plate. The flat bottom floors eliminate bridging of the material no matter the consistency. The floor chain is made with heavy-duty WR-78.

Some of the standard features of the Parma Spreaders are an industry-largest 2 3/8” drive shafts, with split poly bearings for economical and durable life. A simple front idler shaft mechanism uses durable poly sprockets on 1 15/16” shafts. Steel sprockets are available upon request. High torque hydraulic motors power the floor for fast and easy unloading. A wide 90 inch box body provides for a high capacity trailer made to last.

Most of these boxes and trailers can be equipped with a silage kit. These kits vary in length and side height depending on the customer choices. Each of these silage kits are available with a simple top hinged swing gate or convenient double “barn style” doors that latch securely in the floor chain.