Switch Plows

Innovator 716 Moldboard Plow

The FIM Innovator 716 Moldboard Plow gives you full adjustability for plowing depth, while the pivoting design lets you reverse the moldboards to make right- and left-hand-side passes to help finish plowing faster. Using larger-horsepower tractors, the on-land Innovator 716 gives you maximum productivity in a variety of sizes.

Using the leverage of an upgraded pin system, FIM has made the 716 plow fully modular allowing farmers to adjust their plow to add or remove bottoms based on their specific needs. The seventh bottom can be removed to use only six bottoms for deeper plowing or smaller tractors. You can also add additional bottoms to take the plow up to eight or nine* bottoms for higher-powered tractors and wider cuts.

The safety-trip system is fully adjustable to allow for plowing in rocky or hard ground conditions while keeping the operator inside the tractor. When the tripping mechanism engages, raise the plow and the bottom will reset itself.

The Innovator 716 V-style mainframe distributes weight for better penetration. It is designed to handle the stress of high-horsepower tractors working in tough ground conditions.