Vertical Tillage Farm Equipment

Renegade VT is an American-made vertical tillage tool that manages crop residue, improves water infiltration, aerates soil, and prevents erosion—all key factors in optimizing soil health and getting the most out of your crops.

What sets the Renegade apart from other vertical tillage equipment on the market?

  1. Detachable coulters and harrows. The Renegade comes equipped with detachable coulters and harrows. These attachments size residue and smooth the seedbed to prevent planter unit chatter—undesirable movement that causes seed skips, doubles, and loss of depth.
  2. Deep soil fracturing. The Renegade perfectly conditions soil by fracturing it up to 8 inches below the surface. This deep fracturing eliminates compaction and allows the next crop to easily absorb moisture and access nutrients.
  3. Strong, flexible frame. Many vertical tillage tools on the market provide no down flex. The Renegade’s frame flexes an impressive 15 degrees down and infinitely upward, allowing it to take control of heavy residue and tough tillage conditions.
  4. Erosion control. Some vertical tillage tools don’t size residue, and some chop it so finely it quickly blows away. The Renegade sizes residue and then pins it to the ground with harrows, keeping it in the field. Most residue is left near the soil surface, providing crucial erosion control.
  5. Soil aeration. The Renegade can also be used to aerate pastures and hay ground. It breaks up the mat formed by roots and foliage and helps spread out manure piles. This improves fertilizer and water infiltration, increasing hay yield and pasture output.

The Renegade vertical tillage tool has multiple durability and usability features, including:

  • Shorter rollers to protect bearings.
  • Gang angles and coulter depth settings that can be adjusted without a wrench.
  • Four sets of integrated walking tandem wheels with high-quality tires.
  • Two-year breakage warranty, INCLUDING the tines.

Take your vertical tillage system to the next level with the Renegade VT.

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