AerWay Vertical Tillage Equipment

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Open Country is proud to represent AerWay manufacturing tillage and vertical tillage products. We serve the following areas Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and southeast Wyoming with AerWay products.

AerWay specializes in vertical tillage, but also offers solutions for turf grass, such as golf courses and sports fields.

When you need a quality product for conservation tillage, min-till, mulch tillage, manure management tools, hay and pasture aeration tools and horticultural aeration ask us about the AerWay products we offer.

Available Now! NEW AerWay AWF CCT 30 foot Vertical Tillage with Double Rolling Basket Harrow


AerWay CCT 40 foot Vertical Tillage


AerWay CCT 40 foot Vertical Tillage

AerWay’s AWF Folding frame machine with the revolutionary new Close Coupled Tandem (CCT) overlapping tined rollers provides an increased number of pockets and fractures per acre. The lead roller loosens the soil profile while the trailing roller incorporates and mixes the residue for a superior field finish.

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See the AerWay 20 Foot CCT in Action near Norfolk, NE – Vertical Tillage Farm Equipment

When you need the most dependable products for agricultural uses, including min-till, pasture aeration and vertical tillage from AerWay, contact Open Country LLC at 4024900635 or click here to send us a message.