NEW Vertical Tillage from Aerway: AerWay AWF CCT 30 foot Vertical Tillage

aerway-cctAerWay’s AWF Folding frame machine with the revolutionary new Close Coupled Tandem (CCT) overlapping tined rollers provides an increased number of pockets and fractures per acre. The lead roller loosens the soil profile while the trailing roller incorporates and mixes the residue for a superior field finish.

The AWF-CCT machine has been developed to satisfy the demands of farmers working moderate to larger acreages. AerWay’s Quick Adjust swing arms allow the user to choose the degree of compaction relief, cultivation, aeration, and/or residue incorporation.

FRAME: The AerWay is constructed of a heavy duty center frame and two wing frames. These frames are structural steel weldments with integral weight trays. The hydraulically folded unit is equipped with a weight transfer system that permits a constant down force across the width of the
machine. This system also permits the wings to follow the contours of the field. The frame has Category III front brackets and integral rear brackets for the attachment of an optional AerWay Pull Type Wheel Kit.

Additional Hard Points on the frame allow for a number of attachments to be readily attached to the AerWay.

ROLLERS: The heavy duty rollers use 3 tines per row and are available with either 7.5” (3.75” effective) or 10” (5.00” effective) tine spacing. Each leading roller shaft is mounted with
two C-Flex Springs, while the trailing roller shafts are rigidly mounted. The
rollers are supported by 50mm (2”) trunnion mounted bearings and are equipped with either Shattertines or Leaf Tines. All units use Outboard Stars to give uniform tine spacing
across the working width of the machine.

QUICK ADJUST: Swing arms can be adjusted in 2.5° degree increments, from 0° to 10°, to vary the degree of cultivation or aeration.

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