Turnkey Liquid Fertilizer Applicator & Cart



Hawkins Manufacturing Inc., has teamed up with the J.D. Skiles Company to provide a “Turnkey” Liquid Fertilizer Applicator and Cart.

Hawkins leads the industry with their rugged and reliable mounted liquid fertilizer applicator tooled with the unbeatable Hawkins Coulter “N” Forcer. The Double Fold Full Truss Tool Bar (up to 61’) is 5-year warranty-strong.

Custom construction eliminates bowing when lifting or pulling and allows for unlimited bolt-on capabilities. Trash and ground conditions create little problem for the “N” Forcer.

Tests show that the placement of the fertilizer is precise and loss of fertilizer and soil moisture is minimal.

The J.D. Skiles “Row-Tracker” fertilizer cart is designed and proven to withstand rugged field conditions and tracks perfectly behind, with it’s “All-Wheel Steering” capability.


  • High Speed
  • Low Cost
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable Depth
  • Most Any Spacing
  • Excels In Trash
  • Minimum Cover Disturbance
  • Heavy Duty Telescoping Nurse Tank Hitch

Tool Bar Features

  • Custom Design Available
  • Double Fold Full Truss up to 61’ Available
  • Single Fold Front Truss Available
  • 120 degree Single Folding Available
  • Rigid Bars Available
  • 5-year Warranty

Cart Features

  • Tracks Perfectly Behind
  • 8-bolt Hubs & Wheels
  • 5/8” Reinforced
  • Turning Assemblies
  • Fixed 120” Axle
  • Optional Axle Widths Available
  • Optional 1600R20
  • 26 Ply Tires Available
  • Many Tank Sizes Available


A Fertilizer System That Performs They Way You Want


When used with a fluted coulter and applied under pressure, your fertilizer can be placed to the depth set by the coulter blade. Trash and ground conditions create little problem for the“N”-Forcer.

Tests have shown that the placement of the fertilizer is precise. Loss of fertilizer and soil moisture due to evaporation is minimal. Ideal for use in standing alfalfa, ridge till and no till crops. The “N”-Forcer will attach to most brands of coulters.