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Effective tillage matters. Whether you’re warming up a seedbed, mulching tough trash, managing compaction, or minimizing erosion – you need tillage equipment that is effective, reliable, and straight-forward.

Penta tillage tools are built to withstand the tough task of preparing fields. Found in every tool are solid frames, heavy duty components, and durable harrows.

Heavy duty build doesn’t compromise effortless use. With an industry exclusive depth control design, excellent clearance trash flow, and very little maintenance involved, Penta tillage tools help you accomplish your field work trouble free.

200 Series

The Penta 200 series cultivator sets the standard for reliable and effective field cultivation. With its unique mechanical depth control setup, its self-leveling drawbar package, and its rugged frame… view



300 Series

The Penta 300 series cultivators are built with the same design and quality as the 200 series, with one major addition – a unique, patent-pending floating and oscillating hitch. view



500 Harrow Finisher Series

The Penta 500 series harrow finisher is simply the most versatile machine you will ever own. Used either on its own or in combination with a 200 or 300 series cultivator, the 500 series finisher gives you the finishing tool you need for the perfect seedbed. view


Lightning High Speed Disc

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The Penta Lightning High Speed Disc combines speed and force with every pass so you can deal decisively with cover crops, residue and stubble. view