Hawkins Manufacturers Rep for Wyoming

Open Country LLC is a manufacturer’s representative for Hawkins for the entire state of Wyoming.


Hawkins Mfg., Inc. enjoys a rich history, starting with Roy and Virgil Hawkins, of Pierce, Colorado in the 1960’s. Their main product was the Hawkins Row Crop Ditcher.

In 1971, a business relationship began with Harlan Hock and Hock Farm Supply of Bertrand, Nebraska. Hock Farm Supply began distributing the Ditcher throughout Kansas and Nebraska. Harlan Hock purchased the company from the Hawkins brothers in 1979 and moved the business and equipment to its present location in Holdrege, Nebraska in 1981.

The business expanded its product line into the manufacture of additional row crop tools, gauge wheels, shank clamps of all sizes, crust breakers, tool bars for row-crops, and NH3 fertilizer applicators. Liquid fertilizer applicators, including the Planter ”N” Forcer and Coulter “N” Forcer, have become a staple in the industry.

The Hawkins Down Corn Reel is the premier harvesting tool for down corn or fluff problems. Hawkins also holds a distributorship for Agribotix drone enabled analytics.

Their mission statement: “Dedicated to Making the Worlds Best Farmers Better.”

Products include: