Ranch and Farm Equipment Manufacturers Represented by Open Country LLC

Open Country LLC represents some of the finest agricultural, material handling, hay & forage, tillage and implement manufacturers in the world. Brands we represent include:

Johnson Mfg

Johnson Mfg., Inc. constantly strives to provide their customers with the best quality products and services at competitive prices, while maintaining a consistently higher level of customer services than any of our competitors. Johnson Mfg., Inc. has been leading the way in pull type graders for the past 16 years with sales both nationally and internationally.

Kuhns Mfg

Kuhns Mfg owner Kenny Kuhns grew up on a dairy farm in central Illinois in the days before round balers and large square balers were common in America. During a move from Illinois to Ohio, Kenny realized the need for more reliable small square bale equipment. Inconsistent and quick-changing weather made it a necessity to have a more efficient method for pick-up, transportation, and storage of small bales.

SOIL Service, Inc.

Since 1987, SOIL Service, Inc., has been helping growers achieve their goal of providing a balanced fertility program while preserving the environment and reducing the cost of farm inputs by researching and developing a customized lineup of fertility solutions and spray surfactants. In 2014, Brent and Andrea Schmitz purchased SOIL Service and merged it with Schmitz Ag Products, further expanding the company’s product and services.


Hawkins Manufacturing Farm Equipment

Hawkins Mfg., Inc. enjoys a rich history, starting with Roy and Virgil Hawkins, of Pierce, Colorado in the 1960’s. Their main product was the Hawkins Row Crop Ditcher.

In 1971, a business relationship began with Harlan Hock and Hock Farm Supply of Bertrand, Nebraska. Hock Farm Supply began distributing the Ditcher throughout Kansas and Nebraska. Harlan Hock purchased the company from the Hawkins brothers in 1979 and moved the business and equipment to its present location in Holdrege, Nebraska in 1981.


Hitchcock, Inc.

Founded in 1961, Hitchcock, Inc. manufactures truck boxes, dump trailers, chain drags, bunk blowers, boom backs, and numerous other production items plus all kinds of custom built products in their 41,230 sq. ft. facility. They pride ourselves in originality, workmanship, and innovation and sell products all over the globe.

Hitchcock products available from Open Country include Chain Floor Truck Boxes, All-Purpose Dump Trailers, 3 Axle Feed Lot Tenders, Truck Bodies, Bunk Blowers, Adjustable Boom Backs, Chain Floor Trailers, High Riders, Manure Spreaders, Vertical Spreaders, Bunk Sweeps and Feed Wagons.

Open Country LLC is a manufacturer’s representative for Hitchcock, Inc. in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky.

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Over 70 years ago, LMC’s reputation was founded on the belief in strong business relationships and dedication to building World Class Machinery.

Parma Company

Open Country LLC is proud to represent Parma Company and their line of equipment including arena groomers and sugar beet harvesters. Located in Parma, Idaho they are a leading manufacturer of specialized agricultural equipment for the farming and livestock industries. Parma Company prides ourselves on fine worksmanship and specialization of our Equipment. With their in-house engineering department they are innovative leaders in the agricultural community.

Virnig Manufacturing

Established in a two-car garage, just outside of the city limits of the rural community of Pierz, MN, in 1989, Dean and Lois Virnig started Virnig Manufacturing and Welding. The Virnig’s first business was repair work for local farmers and construction companies in Central Minnesota. When it comes to superior service and quality work, word travels fast in a small town, and the Virnigs saw their little business grow quickly. Within five years of opening the doors, Dean and Lois moved from their makeshift shop into a larger building and expanded into manufacturing skid steer attachments and dump trailers, subsequently changing their name to Virnig Manufacturing, Inc.

Maxilator Hay Handling Equipment

The Original, Affordable Small Bale Solution

Innovative – Dependable – Affordable

Norwood Sales


Norwood Sales was founded by Bob Norwood with a main goal of distributing high quality, reliable agricultural products to local farmers. Dan Norwood joined Norwood Sales in 1992, Dan works in sales and is responsible for all of our purchasing. Over the years Norwood Sales has built a nation-wide network of customers and dealers that have come to rely on the reputation and performance of these products. With customer satisfaction as a top priority Bob, Dan and their staff understand the desire to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.


Gallagher is one of the world’s top manufacturers in electric fencing. Open Country offers Gallagher electric fencing products that are perfect for farmers and ranchers. We also offer their line of temporary electric fencing products that are perfect for rotational grazing setups.


FIM offers a powerful line of agricultural implements designed and fabricated to streamline your farming operations and increase cost efficiency.