Hawkins Corn Real

DOWN CORN. Two four-letter words no farmer wants hear. The strength and versatility of Hawkins Corn reel has been keeping farmers in the cab and moving through goose-necked, laid over, matted, and tangled fields for nearly two decades. The wide, row cleaning design moves product far more effectively than cumbersome tined reels. With free freight and a design to fit every make and model of corn head, the Hawkins Corn Reel can take the frustration and time consuming stops out of harvesting down corn. Call Hawkins 1-800-382-6178 for List Price on a reel to fit Your Head.


  • 2016 Harvest Special: FREE FREIGHT!
  • Call for List Price on a Hawkins Corn Reel to Fit Your Head – 1-800-382-6178
  • Maintain visibility when reel is raised hydraulically from your line of sight
  • Adjustable Fore & Aft
  • Narrow clearance helps prevent corn draping over outside dividers
  • Adjustable paddle placement
  • Stop height is adjustable
  • “Combine specific” hydraulic kits
  • Reels available to fit nearly every make and model of head
  • Not a one-time use Reel.
  • Many farmers use the Hawkins Corn Reel year after year to eliminate fluff and trash build up.
  • No more “muscling through” the small spots of damaged corn that are a natural part of harvesting corn.
  • The Hawkins Corn Reel is expandable from 4 Rows to 18 Rows.
  • Hawkins can adapt your existing reel to fit any type of head.