FIM-1600G 8-Way Pull-Type Grader

The FIM-1600G 8-way Pull-Type Grader can save you time and money by completing a variety of jobs using a single, adjustable, multi-use implement. With a tilting/swinging blade, vertical adjustment, and tilt angle, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. The FIM-1600G is an easy-to-use tool whose overall length and tilting blade allow for better control of rear sideways movement. Each unit includes removable blade sides to convert the blade into a powerful box blade. The FIM-1600G is a stunning combination of land-plane, box blade, maintainer and dirt scraper whose versatility is a valuable asset for any operation.

The FIM-1600G features dual hydraulic cylinders to control moldboard tippage and blade tilt, an easy-to-read tilt gauge, replaceable high-carbon steel shins, a safety lock for the top cylinder and easy-to-install box blade end caps with on-board storage. The FIM-1600G comes ready-to-use with all hardware and hydraulics included.