200 Cultivator Series

The Penta 200 series cultivator sets the standard for reliable and effective field cultivation. With its unique mechanical depth control setup, its self-leveling drawbar package, and its rugged frame – the 200 series cultivator is durable, user friendly, and highly efficient.

Available in either s-tine or c-shank configurations, and with a variety of harrow options, the Penta 200 series cultivators come perfectly matched for your tillage needs.

Add it all up, and you get a cultivator that provides the durability and efficiency you need, while giving you the flexibility you desire.

Depth Control System

The unique mechanical depth control system allows the operator to set the cultivator at specific working depths. As the cultivator is lowered, the depth control collar contacts the stop on the front arm, removing the load of the cultivator from the hydraulics and on to the depth stop. With no load on the hydraulics, and with a precise mechanical depth setting, the operator is assured trouble free and accurate operation.



Cylinder Mounts

Slotted wing lift cylinder mounts allow wing pivots of up to 5 degrees in either direction. This allows for uncompromising terrain following, as well as no load on either the wing cylinders or lines when in field position.





Rugged Linkages & Wear Points

Rugged linkages and large wear points provide maximum weight bearing and minimum wear – construction designed to provide long life to the frame. Additionally, the 200 series has been designed with positive tongue weight, making the unit stable and easy to attach or detach.




Adjustable Gauge Wheels

Adjustable gauge wheels are standard on all units 30’ wide and larger, and available as an option on smaller units.