500 Harrow Finisher Series

The Penta 500 series harrow finisher is simply the most versatile machine you will ever own. Used either on its own or in combination with a 200 or 300 series cultivator, the 500 series finisher gives you the finishing tool you need for the perfect seedbed.

The finisher can be used in both spring and fall conditions. The 500 series masters any tillage task with efficiency – whether it’s soil warming, weed control, residue management, or seedbed finishing.

Designed to run at higher speeds, and requiring less horsepower; the 500 series is an effective, flexible, and efficient tool – a tool of choice for any tillage program.

Easily adjustable 18” coil tines are a common option on the 500 series finisher. The finisher is available with or without tines, and in single or double basket combinations.






The 500 series features excellent clearance between the tine sections an baskets, creating excellent trash flow and soil distribution. The rollers can be set to pack and firm, or reversed to fluff the soil surface.






Similar to the 200 and 300 series cultivators, the 500 series features a robust build and a quality design. Unique solid mount rubber bushings eliminate the use of chains and springs, enhancing performance. As well, the unit is balanced to provide the positive tongue weight that is found in all Penta tillage products.